Pet Dental Care

Dental Care Overview

Oral hygiene is a significant component to the health of our furry friends! Many clinics promote dental health only 1 month out of the year, however, here at Stacy Road we know that dental care is not limited to 1 month but essential 365 days a year. With that in mind, we do offer professional cleanings 5 days a week as well as a variety of dental care products. Most pets require professional teeth cleaning every 6-12 months to remove tartar and prevent tooth loss resulting from periodontal disease.

What does our professional dental cleaning include?

  • Pre-Operative Bloodwork
  • Pre-Anesthetic Medication
  • Gas Anesthesia
  • IV Fluids
  • Ultrasonic Scaling
  • Dental Polishing
  • Fluoride Treatment

**Additional services may be recommended depending on your pet's specific needs.**

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